The Atmore Family show you how we ‘shmodel’…and a fantastic offer you won’t want to miss!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I have completely neglected this blog! Call it a new job and extra commitments, but somehow I’ve found myself taking an unintended blog hiatus.

Anyhoo, trusting that you accept my apologies, I come baring a little gift – an apology offering you’re going to want to take me up on, I promise!

A few weeks ago, my family took a little trip to Tokai Forest so that the amazingly talented Tiffany Burnham could take some photographs of us being silly. The last professional photographs we had as a family (excluding the few taken at our wedding) were studio photographs taken when we were very little -you know, the kind with photographers who had rooms in the mall and you came in matching clothing and sat on elevated boxes covered in black cloth. My mom celebrated a special birthday this year and I thought it would be lovely to gift her with new, slightly less cheesy, family photographs. I asked Tiffany and she agreed! Some of you may have seen some of the photos Tiff took of Terence and I for our second anniversary. We loved them, so asking her to take these precious photos was a no-brainer!

We had 2 hours of pure fun and sillyness. It had rained the whole week, but thankfully the sun come out for a few hours and we took advantage. Tiffany was, of course, an absolute pro, keeping us relaxed and all looking mostly in the right direction.

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Scroll to the end to end to see the little gift Tiffany is offering you.

My lovely Gran and Mom

Three generations

Mom’s only girl 🙂

Three crazy brothers

Mom and her boys

27 years of marriage and counting…

This little boy loves his mommy!

Dad’s boy too!

It’s a guy thing…

My parents are loons! 🙂

Such a handsome husband


This is one of my favourites


Gorgeous little monkey

Michael’s ‘blue steel’ impression

No Atmore shoot is complete without ‘bunny ears’ creeping into a photo

We’re dorky and we know it

Terence is too cool to jump

Happy Birthday, lovely Mom!

I’ve received quite a few requests for info on Tiffany’s photography packages since I posted a few of these photos on my Facebook account. I spoke to Tiff and she has kindly agreed to give anyone who books a family shoot with her in the next month a R200 discount (I can feel you smiling already)! This is a fantastic offer, and I promise you, a Tiffany Burnham photographic experience is one to remember. Whether you want family photos with your extended family, or just you and your spouse, or maybe even some photos of your preggie belly or newborn babe, Tiffany does it all! (Of course, her wedding photos are superb, too)

All you have to do to qualify for this discount is quote the reference code, CaramellaClan, when you contact her.

 Do yourselves a favour and book this busy lady now. You won’t regret it!