The Atmore Family show you how we ‘shmodel’…and a fantastic offer you won’t want to miss!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I have completely neglected this blog! Call it a new job and extra commitments, but somehow I’ve found myself taking an unintended blog hiatus.

Anyhoo, trusting that you accept my apologies, I come baring a little gift – an apology offering you’re going to want to take me up on, I promise!

A few weeks ago, my family took a little trip to Tokai Forest so that the amazingly talented Tiffany Burnham could take some photographs of us being silly. The last professional photographs we had as a family (excluding the few taken at our wedding) were studio photographs taken when we were very little -you know, the kind with photographers who had rooms in the mall and you came in matching clothing and sat on elevated boxes covered in black cloth. My mom celebrated a special birthday this year and I thought it would be lovely to gift her with new, slightly less cheesy, family photographs. I asked Tiffany and she agreed! Some of you may have seen some of the photos Tiff took of Terence and I for our second anniversary. We loved them, so asking her to take these precious photos was a no-brainer!

We had 2 hours of pure fun and sillyness. It had rained the whole week, but thankfully the sun come out for a few hours and we took advantage. Tiffany was, of course, an absolute pro, keeping us relaxed and all looking mostly in the right direction.

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Scroll to the end to end to see the little gift Tiffany is offering you.

My lovely Gran and Mom

Three generations

Mom’s only girl 🙂

Three crazy brothers

Mom and her boys

27 years of marriage and counting…

This little boy loves his mommy!

Dad’s boy too!

It’s a guy thing…

My parents are loons! 🙂

Such a handsome husband


This is one of my favourites


Gorgeous little monkey

Michael’s ‘blue steel’ impression

No Atmore shoot is complete without ‘bunny ears’ creeping into a photo

We’re dorky and we know it

Terence is too cool to jump

Happy Birthday, lovely Mom!

I’ve received quite a few requests for info on Tiffany’s photography packages since I posted a few of these photos on my Facebook account. I spoke to Tiff and she has kindly agreed to give anyone who books a family shoot with her in the next month a R200 discount (I can feel you smiling already)! This is a fantastic offer, and I promise you, a Tiffany Burnham photographic experience is one to remember. Whether you want family photos with your extended family, or just you and your spouse, or maybe even some photos of your preggie belly or newborn babe, Tiffany does it all! (Of course, her wedding photos are superb, too)

All you have to do to qualify for this discount is quote the reference code, CaramellaClan, when you contact her.

 Do yourselves a favour and book this busy lady now. You won’t regret it!


Being Silly

Today I had this little munchkin over to play. We’re busy working through a home O.T. programme, which basically is an excuse for us to spend an hour together each week playing really fun games and bouncing on an exercise ball 🙂

Since my posts tend to er on the side of ‘wordy’, I’ll leave you these photos of my favourite little boy doing his thing.

I was showing him some photographs I took of him at a recent family lunch. He told me he thinks his silly faces are really funny. I tend to agree, so I thought I’d show you some so you can decide if you agree with us.

I wonder where he gets it from…

My boys are all kinds of silly

The silly stare-down

Take a guess how many people have asked us if Zaz is Terence’s son…

Apparently being silly is contagious 🙂


Surprise, surprise, I’m twenty-five!

Oh little blog, how I’ve neglected you! I’d love to make the excuse that I’ve been too buy living life…and well, yes, that’s mostly true, but the real truth is that I’ve been lazy and so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve all unsubscribed over the past month.

That was a long sentence!

On to something happier.

Last month I turned 25, and depending on whose reading this, I’m either really young or really old. As you know, the last few months have been a little crazy in the Mentor abode and so I only really remembered my birthday was coming up the week before. Terence asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate and I said ‘nothing really’. Thankfully he had the sense to ignore my pity party and do something completely awesome. He threw me a surprise party. And I truly was surprised!

Terence put so much effort into making the party fun for me. He invited all my dearest friends and family, added splashes of ‘pretty and pink’ into all the details and ordered something I’ve always dreamed of having for my birthday since I was a little girl… an ICE-CREAM CAKE!!! It was such a relaxing afternoon and a ‘medicine’ for my grieving heart.

I’ll leave you with some pictures taken by my wonderful friends, Melissa and Gareth Heuer…because I was too busy being the birthday girl 🙂

My special friend, Kirsty and her husband, Leighton,hosted my party in their beautiful home

I'm so grateful for work friends who remain dear friends even when you know longer work together

Beautiful Leah...sorry, Zoe, you got chopped out of the photo 🙂

Oh Sadie, you hold a very special place in my heart!

The lovely Madison-rose. There were lots of babas in was a Julie-party after all 🙂

Yay! It's an ice-cream cake! And before you ask, no, I'm not 3 months pregnant even though I look it...(blush and suck in tummy)

My ice-cream cake, and it didn't disappoint!

My gorgeous Zazi-mouse not-so-baby brother...swimming in his undies because that's how the Atmores' roll!

A relaxing afternoon with great company = a successful way to celebrate a birthday

Dave is wearing pink!

My brother, the rock star!

Gabi, that face! 🙂

So blessed to have such fun Christian friends

Fun in the pool...It was a scorcher of a day

Lovely friends

Presents! I was truly spoilt

Thank you so much to my wonderful husband. You really know how to make me feel special and loved!

I’m ashamed…

Dear readers of this humble blog. I am completely ashamed by absence over the past week and a bit. I understand if you’ve deleted me from your google reader already – heck, I probable would have deleted myself. But if you just let me explain…

To say that the past few days have been HECTIC is an understatement. I contracted laryngitis that mutated into a ravenous form of bronchitis where my voice box was replaced with that of a 60-year-old smoking man. I tried to make this rough voice work for me, but lets just say grunting like a dog is not sexy!  My little bit of sunshine during this time was that Baby S came to stay with us for a few days. Yes, it was exhausting, but those of you who have met Baby S will know she has a gorgeous personality that could make even the Grinch smile.

Baby S doing her thing

Rocking those shoes!

So please forgive me this little ‘transgression’. I promise to try and be better and keeping this little blog up. I have 4 Love Stories ready to post  and will post Lizanne and Chris‘ story later today. Yes, I am aware that Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I never posted our love story, but it’s coming people, I promise!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day… If you celebrated it, I’d love to hear all about it. Mr Mentor made a point of reminding me that this Valentine’s Day fell in a leap year, and should therefore be referred to as ‘Manentine’s Day’. The man is quite the romantic, so I thought I’d indulge him a little. I made him a ‘man-pack’, complete with a 6-pack of Amstel, his favourite crisps, biltong and a lunch bar and tied it all together in a pretty red bow. I also cooked his favourite meal

Bangers and Mash with gravy and sauted onions.

What can I say, my man has simple tastes 🙂

He bought me a voucher for a mani and pedi (apparently the lady comes to your home to pamper you) so all in all, we fared pretty well. After dinner we headed to bible study and it was business as usual.

Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts on this beautiful Wednesday.

Check back soon for the next edition in the Love Story series.

Welcome to February!

Welcome to February, girls and boys!

Yes, I am aware that February started yesterday, but as with most things in my life, I am always one step behind everyone else.

I am currently eating Maggie 2 minute noodles and waiting for my husband to let me know when he has arrived back at the office after a 4-day meet-and-greet with the lovely people of the Southern Cape. It always sucks when Terence is away for work, but this time was especially bad as my solo-wife Monday meal consisted of sushi that gave me a particularly awful case of food poisoning :(Terence is very good at taking care of me meeting my every whim when I’m sick, but this time, this pathetic girl had to hold her own bucket, if you know what I mean…

On to happier things.

February is the ‘month of love’ and while Terence and I don’t go overboard with Valentines celebrations, I thought I would dedicate this month of blogging about all things lovely. Tomorrow’s post focuses on something Terence loves… his hair. I’ll give you my opinion on that one too so make sure you stop by. I’m also hosting an exciting series called Love Story with some of my favourite real-life blog friends, but more on that on Monday.

Talking about feeling the love…. According to my blog stats, I’ve had over 500 hits on this blog since I started it last week. I feel incredibly honoured that so many people have bothered to see what I’m getting up to, so thank you! However, out of the 500 people, only 8 have left comments and so I have no clue who the other 492 gorgeous people are? Please give me so interweb love and leave a comment when you pop by, mkay. This girl could do with some encouragement right now. If my posts nauseate you, let me know too.  I don’t  mind a little bit of constructive criticism every now and then 😉

And speaking of love…

Here’s an old picture of me with a little boy I love very much!

Me and my Zazi-mouse