• Daughter of King Jesus – saved by Grace (can I get an ‘amen’!)
  • Wife to the ever-patient, slightly-nerdy, gracious, handsome and loving Mr Mentor
  • Mama to a dying pot plant (I sometimes secretly wish I could skip the pot plant and pet stage and go straight to the real-live kiddos, but we don’t always get what we want when we want it, mkay)
  • I hate hard lessons!
  • I love to say ‘mkay’, mkay!
  • Lover of blogs – my sole purpose for travelling to the USA would be to meet all my favourite bloggers. We would have a crafternoon and eat Ben & Jerry ice cream and they would love my South African awesomeness.
  • I believe the West Wing was the best television show ever written. I also believe Jed Bartlet was the best president the USA ever had.
  • Total coffee nut – buy me a Café Latte and we’ll be friends forever
  • Advocator of children’s rights and passionate about protecting vulnerable children.

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