Being Silly

Today I had this little munchkin over to play. We’re busy working through a home O.T. programme, which basically is an excuse for us to spend an hour together each week playing really fun games and bouncing on an exercise ball 🙂

Since my posts tend to er on the side of ‘wordy’, I’ll leave you these photos of my favourite little boy doing his thing.

I was showing him some photographs I took of him at a recent family lunch. He told me he thinks his silly faces are really funny. I tend to agree, so I thought I’d show you some so you can decide if you agree with us.

I wonder where he gets it from…

My boys are all kinds of silly

The silly stare-down

Take a guess how many people have asked us if Zaz is Terence’s son…

Apparently being silly is contagious 🙂



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