Love Story…Julia and Kim

Yes, yes, I know… we’re no longer in February. But as is my style, I’m a little bit behind with these posts (what’s new). The love can extend into March, right? 🙂

Read this one – it’s a goodie.

Today’s love story belongs to Julia and Kim.

It is an honour for me to call these awesome people my friends. Julia is one of the most organised, creative, thoughtful people I know. Over the years I have been blessed by her creative spirit in many ways, but most significantly, with the planning and co-ordinating of our wedding. I hesitate to think what our wedding day would have looked like if Julia hadn’t been the calm force making sure everything happened as planned. Yes, it would have still been special as the focus was always on us getting married, but I doubt it would have looked as beautiful as it did without Julia’s special touch. The talented Jules has gone on to co-ordinate other weddings, and is, in fact, co-ordinating the lovely Tamalin’s wedding this Saturday!

Julia and I are different in many ways but we share a pet peeve… we hate it when people get our names mixed up! Julie is not short for Julia, mkay! And Julia is not to be shortened to Julie. If in doubt, call us ‘Jules’ 🙂

Both Julia and Kim share my heart for vulnerable children. Watching them love and care for their precious Lihle is so special. They are very special people, indeed. Visit Julia’s blog over at All things Julia.

Julia and Kim…

It all began with a harmless crush. Like a school kid having a crush on his/her teacher. Harmless, pointless and one that will soon fade with time/age.

After being horrified with my laziness and terrible eating habits in the holidays after my final matric exams, I decided that my only salvation was a gym membership at Kenilworth Virgin Active.  After gyming (regularly) for a few weeks, I was finally comfortable enough with all the equipment and my routine that I started paying attention to the other happenings around the gym. This is when I spotted Kim.

Kim was a Fitness Consultant at the time and definitely lived up to his title. I mean he was ripped man. 6 pack, huge guns, major HOTNESS. Some really good eye-candy … and so the crush began). (Please note that at this stage I had never even spoken to the guy).

True, he was completely out of my league, but I enjoyed going to the gym everyday and getting a little excited when I spotted him or a little sad when he wasn’t there. It was a little game I played from a distance, knowing that he doesn’t even realise I’m alive. To be honest I quite liked it that way… I was way too shy to even dream of having a conversation with him. But then he had to put a spanner in the works.

One very average day when I was on the bike minding my own business, listening to a little music, Kim appeared in front of me and wanted to have a chat. (Can you hear my brain say, ‘Oh my goodness, what on earth is this? I am not prepared for such an encounter! What do I say?) I played it ultra cool. Answered his questions and let him talk (a lot). Secretly I was dying inside because I was trying to spin as if it was easy for me, but my legs were killing me and I really wanted to pant like a dog.

I don’t think I expected Kim to be a Christian, but I guess part of me was hoping. When we chatted at the bike I told him that I was currently studying Theology. He promptly asked what it was and I said ‘I am at Bible College’. ‘Ah’, he said, ‘you studying to become a nun!’ Ummmmmmmmmmm NO. I guess this dude has no clue.

We greeted each other from time to time. He was very friendly to me… and then I realised he is actually that way with everybody (I was a little disappointed). Then suddenly he was gone! For about 3 months I didn’t see him until one day he came to the gym in his normal clothes i.e. not a uniform. He had just come from a funeral, but all I was thinking is ‘Yes, he has style!’ All too soon he was gone again.

I would go out with my friends and wonder ‘what if Kim was here? What would I do? Would he even notice me?’ Those thoughts would be fleeting, but I did have them almost every time we went out.

A few months later I went out with friends on an evening that I really, really just wanted to be home, but my besty wasn’t a very happy chappy so I decided I would go with her to be a support… and who should I spot? KIM! He had a whole crowd of people around him. Without thinking I just shoved a few of them out the way, tapped him on the knee and gave a cheesy wave and a smile. I then ran away…nice one Julia.

We went to the dance floor and my besty spotted him and forced me to go chat with him. We chatted and danced together for quite some time. He then invited himself to my church. (I had no idea he would ACTUALLY make good on that one). Later we wanted to swap numbers and that’s when my besty and I realised our phones had been stolen… my first ever argument with Kim. He gave me a whole lecture about how irresponsible we were… and he still gives those to me today.

So low and behold, he CAME to church on Sunday (albeit late). It was way awkward. Afterwards he wanted me to go for coffee with him and the friend he brought along. I wasn’t sure whether I could completely trust him so I brought Byron along as my wing-man. (Yes it’s the same Byron who Cindy took along for her first coffee with Seth).

Byron and Kim spoke to each other most of the time. I was totally uninterested until he mentioned that he had given his life to the Lord when he was 16. Hmmmmm, maybe this is worth exploring a bit more?

Kim started attending my church regularly and eventually re-committed his life. He got involved in a Bible Study and started making friends with my friends. There was a definite flame there, but until I was convinced that he was a true Christian and not just doing the motions to get me, we were just friends. After 3 months I was convinced that his change of heart was real. He asked my Dad if he could date me and so began our courtship.


4 years and 2 break-ups later, we were married. As we are both only children from broken homes, our marriage prep lasted over a year. We ‘adopted’ a godly Christian couple as our role-models. By being completely transparent with them and looking to God as our anchor, we realised that although marriage will be hard, we are willing to do what it takes to make it work with God’s help. After 1 year of marriage we introduced Lihle to our home. He is an orphan who we help foster over the weekends and assist with his medical needs. We love him like he is our own.

We're engaged!

Our wedding day


On 11 January 2012 we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. In these past 4 years we have grown closer and closer to one another. Our bond gets stronger everyday as our roots entangle.

Precious Lihle

I love my Kimmi! We are completely different, but we compliment each other so well. I look forward to spending many many more years with you as we grow our love and our family under God’s awesome leadership.

Mr and Mrs Quickfall


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