Welcome to the world, Little J!

We have had quite a weekend, my friends!

On Friday at 2pm our social worker dropped off the most precious 5-day-old princess, fresh from her royal incubator 🙂

We have fallen in love…

Little ‘J’ has the sweetest temperament and apparently the maternity nurses were very sad to see her go. I would love to show you a picture of her sweet face, but can’t due to obvious legal reasons.

So far this little madam has been on her best behaviour. She is sleeping well and her eating habits are improving with lots of encouragement from this ‘mama’. She loves being cuddled and lying in the baby sling and wrap, but she is also happy to snooze by herself in her cot (hallelujah) . I’m feeling a little sleepy this evening, but our routine is working well and I am running high on happy mommy vibes… it’s quite amazing the effect a newborn can have on a person.

I have three more Love Stories scheduled for this week and will hopefully keep you up to date on my ‘J’-bug’s antics, if I have enough energy 🙂

If you’re a ‘real-life’ friend, feel free to pop over for tea and a cuddle.



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