Love Story… Kirsty and Leighton

Well, it seems people are in the mood for love these days as the Love Story posts are growing in popularity on this little blog. Who am I to deny you what you want? Please read on.

Today’s Love Story features one of my favourite couples, Kirsty and Leighton Ronne. I have known Kirsty (or Kitty as she is most affectionately known) since I was a young teen. She was my high school bible study leader and I learnt so many good things from her during those hormonally-charged years (Thanks for putting up with the drama, Kitty). After I matriculated our relationship turned into one of great friendship. Terence and I became youth leaders and we led with Leighton and Kirsty for many years. Their wedding was the first one Terence and I attended as a couple, and it will forever be remembered as the big party wedding with the fantastic ribs on the buffet table 🙂

Kitty, I want to take this opportunity to publically thank you for being such a special friend in my life; for showing me what it means to be a gracious, loving wife and mom; for teaching me to sew and for always encouraging me to live each day for Jesus.

You can read all about Kitty, Leights and their precious baby girl, Sadie-Mia over at luv bugg.

Kirsty and Leighton

I have a memory of my husband falling asleep on his mother’s lap! He must have been about 8 or so and it was a midnight Christmas services. Not many people can say that they married their childhood sweetheart but we did! I really did marry the man of my dreams!

But of course, this is real life and it’s not all rosy and perfect…  but it’s our story which is perfect to us!

Leighton and I went to Sunday school together. We witnessed each other grow up. I remember him rollerblading around church and playing cricket, going down the super tubes together, going on so many camps together! He was SO cool! I’ve liked him for as long as I can remember! When I thought about marriage as a 13 year old girl, he was the man in those daydreams!

I was not allowed to date until I was 16! So when the big date arrived, he asked (yes he did!) my dad if we can date! So we were ‘official’…  first kisses (ooh lala, braces and all!) and it was super exciting super awkward teenage love!

This pic was us going to Leighton’s Wynberg Standard 8 dance! (I was SO nervous!)


Then reality struck! It felt like too much pressure… people were asking us if we are going to get married! We were only 17 for goodness sake; I didn’t even know what I wanted to study when I finished school! So when I matriculated we broke up. It was a bad breakup! We didn’t speak for almost 3 years! L

One day I saw him on UCT Jammie steps! I nearly fainted because he was so beautiful! But as usual he had this humble and confident way about him! We started chatting, chats turned into walks, walks turned into long days together and we became BEST friends! I had been through a rough relationship and he told me something one day that I will never forget! He said to me “don’t be with anyone who treats you less than I treat you!”!

That affected me so much! What an amazing thing to say to me! I knew I loved him and I knew he loved me! Maybe we never stopped? We just needed time… and our Lord was preparing us, shaping us and moulding us into what HE wanted us to be!

Us at 20


I don’t know when we became ‘official’ again. He just loved me in such a real and unselfish way! We got married in November 2006 and it has been the BEST time of my life! God has blessed us with the most beautiful gift, Sadie-Mia who is the love of our lives!

Our wedding day


Pregnant with our baby girl

Our new little family


Our beautiful Sadie-Mia


A truly God-co-ordinated love story! Be sure to give Kitty some blog lovin’ here and over at luv bugg.


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