Embracing the pink…

I haven’t had the opportunity yet to tell you more about our journey as emergency care givers. Don’t worry, I plan to give you the low-down soon enough! I just thought I’d pop by to tell you that as of tomorrow afternoon Terence and I will be looking after another little baba. I don’t have many details, but I do know that it’s a little girl and she was born on Monday, so she’s pretty new and teeny-tiny.

I always feel bitter-sweet before receiving a baba. I feel sad that for whatever reason, a mother has had to make the tough decision to part with her precious new baby. I feel sad that the added trauma of separation has to be felt by one so small, and I feel sad that this is not what God intended for mothers and children. I also feel happy. Grateful that I get to be a part of this little one’s story and that she never has to see the inside of an orphanage. Honoured to be the one who cuddles and loves and bonds with this precious child. Excited, for the journey of adoption and for the special family God has in mind for this precious child.

For some reason, we’ve only ever received baby girls to take care of. This has amounted to a lot of pink!

We LOVE pink!

I try to be organised so that I’m always on standby for any baby, but I am currently doing a mad-dash of washing and sorting and sterilizing. I can’t imagine how organised I’ll be if I have 9 months to prepare for a baba as I’ve only ever had 1 week max! I love looking after little girls as I’m a bit of a girly-girl myself and totally embrace the pink! 🙂

A few friends have asked how they can help us out over the next few weeks (friends, I love you, mkay!). When we started this process I resisted ‘too much help’ as I didn’t want people to think I was unable to look after this baby on my own. I now laugh at my foolishness as all seasoned moms know, help is always a blessing…and all moms need it. I will continue working from home, leading bible studies and doing my normal thing on top of caring for a newborn. I realise I am not superwoman, mkay. This ‘mama’ appreciates help.

If you would like to help us, please know that we really appreciate your generous, servant-heart…like in a BIG way! Here are a few things that would be appreciated.

  1. Prayer. Please pray for our hearts (mine especially). In order to give this baby the best, I allow myself to love them like I imagine Id love my own one day. These babies thrive on love, but it’s always very tough when they have to go to their new families. Please also pray for this baby’s future. Knowing God is in control makes this so much easier.
  2. Nappies and formula. We are pretty well-stocked up with baby gear; however, nappies and formula are an on-going, unexpected expense that puts some strain on our already-tight budget. If you would like to gift us with either, we would be so grateful as we don’t get ‘paid’ to care for these babas as some people think. We use pampers and Nan 1 for most of our babes.
  3. Time. My days get pretty full when juggling the working mama act; however I have been so touched when friends have popped by to visit and cuddle with baba or to bring a meal. As much as I wish I could spend all day staring into the little one’s eyes, I have to work, clean, cook etc and it can get a little bit overwhelming.
I promise to write more soon, but please forgive me if I go a little quiet every now and then. Moms, you know how it goes.

Tonight I plan to enjoy my last full-night’s sleep for a while 🙂

Tomorrow someone special will be wearing this outfit 🙂


2 thoughts on “Embracing the pink…

  1. Julie you are an amazing woman and many little people are blessed to have you and Terence love them in the short space of time they are yours. Praying for you
    Love and God bless

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