Love Story… Lizanne and Chris

As promised…

Today I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Lizanne. She blogs over at Clay Jar People. While Liz and I haven’t had all that much face-to-face time (hoping to change that), we are getting to know each other over the interweb and I am definitely enjoying reading all about her gorgeous son’s antics and her experiences as a SAHM on her blog. If you are looking for an honest, interesting review of pretty much any necessary baby product, Lizanne’s your girl. And if you want a baby item reviewed thoroughly, send it her way.

I asked Liz to tell you how she met her husband, Chris, and a little bit about their married life. This is what she had to say…

Lizanne and Chris

Its actually hard for me to remember exactly when we met… I know I noticed Chris and his family one Thursday evening when I went to band practice with my mom. I was 17 and dating another guy at the time, we had a bit of a messy, rocky relationship. Needless to say I wasn’t really in the market to meet someone.

I didn’t really pay much attention to Chris that time, as I was probably a bit distracted with school etc. However, when he joined our Youth band, I noticed he was pretty cute and friendly. I decided to befriend this guy, as he was new.

My favourite photo of Chris

Somewhere along the line, I realised I needed to get out of the messy relationship, and although I wasn’t really up for a new boyfriend, I did develop a crush on Chris. (Side note: he originally thought I was older than him – like 25) So being the gutsy girl I was, I asked my friend, Nikki, who knew him from their old church, for his number. I then smsed him to invite him to a braai/get together I was having at my house with a bunch of Youth from the church. Sadly his cell phone was apparently screwy or something was up with the signal… but he did not get my message. That next Sunday, I went up to him and said that he’d missed out on a great braai, and he should have replied. I think that was the same day he asked me for my number (it was May – and my family was going to Mosselbay for the next weekend). I gave him my number, and didn’t think anything of it.

The Friday following, I was in bed in the room I was sharing with my mom in my grandparents house, when I got an sms… It said something along the lines of “Youth was fun tonight. Thought I’d say hi”. This started an sms conversation which lasted till we both couldn’t stay awake… And continued the whole next day and night… Basically until I got home on Sunday. The conversation on Saturday was very much about my current boyfriend, and Chris’s ex. I told him about the messy relationship, and he (the gentleman he is), replied “You deserve someone who will treat you right”. As a bit of a joke, and some flirtation I guess, I replied ” Are you volunteering?” (Thinking he would see the joke and dismiss it…).


That pretty much is where we began… with that one sms. I know, I was terrible for “cheating” on my then-boyfriend, but hey. The rest of the weekend consisted of us discussing what we want in a relationship, and also when to make it official (obviously after I ended it with my boyfriend). But we count that Saturday, the 29th of May, as our dating anniversary.

Our first photo together - my hair is stupidly short!

I met up with my boyfriend that Tuesday I think, and broke it off. I don’t think he was too shocked, he wasn’t as into dating as I was.

That Thursday, Chris and I were officially official, this was confirmed to me, and the whole Youth band, when at practice during the prayer time Chris reached and held my hand. It was brilliant.

I know our first date was on a Sunday after church, but I’m not sure if it was the next weekend or exactly when. We spent the whole day at Canal Walk, just walking around, getting to know each other. We had pizza for lunch, and he bought us each keyrings with “Liz” on them, and hematite rings (yeah this boy was forward 😉 ) Sadly I broke both rings eventually, so I can’t even show what they looked like.

The rest, as they say is history… but what I will say is that we said that we loved each other not too long after and we both knew we didn’t want to date anyone else again. We believe that God brought us together, and in all honestly, He’s kept us together thus far.

So that’s our story… which is ongoing, and hopefully will “end” in heaps more Pittlets 😉

Our Wedding Day

Our 'bump' shoot - pregnant with Elijah

Our little family

Thanks so much for sharing your love story, Liz!



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    • Hi Grietjie, so glad you popped around to Jules’s blog! Yes, I would love to have tea sometime and meet you for real! Jules’s and I saw each other briefly recently again. Funny though, we have so many mutual friend in real life!

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