Love Story… Cindy and Seth

As promised, today kick starts a little series I’m hosting called, Love Story.

When I think of an epic love story, I’m ashamed to admit that my mind often wanders to the great Hollywood romances displayed in movies such as Nottinghill, Casablanca, P.S. I love you, The Notebook (insert any movie with Hugh Grant here) etc. It is very seldom that I think of my marriage, or the marriages of my friends as epic love stories, when the  truth is that I would choose my marriage over the dysfunction of the Hollywood romance any day!

I have asked a few of my girlfriends to tell us their love stories over the next few weeks. I will be writing our little love story, too. No, none of our stories are particularly dramatic or filled with sneaky plot twists. In fact, we’re all pretty average Janes doing our best to honour our marriage vows and not snap at our husbands when they leave the cupboard doors open for the umpteenth time or forget to pick up their wet towels ahem, Terence.

And without further adieu, I introduce you to my first guest blogger, Cindy Alfino. Cindy is a fellow caramella lover. Besides all her fantastic skills and talents, her and her husband, Seth, have been blessed with the wonderful ability of making gorgeous babies. I am not saying this to be kind. Her girls are child-model beautiful with the sweetest personalities, too [ jealous much, Julie?]. Lets just say Julie and Terence’s hypothetical children are feeling a little nervous as the bar has been set rather high with the caramella kiddos at our church.

I absolutely love Cindy’s blog! She is a fantastic writer (this girl is unfairly gifted) and I was thrilled when she agreed to write her love story for this blog. Follow her and her family’s antics at

Cindy and Seth

Once upon a 8 and a half years ago, there was a little 16 year old girl that went on Crossword Camp.  There she saw one of the most handsomest men in the World!  Upon enquiry (discretely of course), she found out that his name was Seth Alfino and he was one of the most unattainable guys you could get.  Why you may wonder?  Well because it was told that before you could get to the handsome Seth, you would have to go through his Mother…  Besides which, he was part of the “cool crowd”, the crowd that this girl just wasn’t a part of.  However just before leaving the camp there was a shared smile between the two and thereafter all was set in motion.  (Later we realised that we had actually danced together a couple of times during the barn dance, but neither of us remembered that until we saw it on tape – thinking about it, that’s probably not a very good sign!).

My Favourite Pic... Weird I know

Although Seth would like to claim that my change to St James was only because of him, it would be a lie to say that St Timothy’s youth disappearing was not a factor (albeit small).  So I started going to St James in Grade 11.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.  What can I say, he is flipping hot!  I never in my wildest dreams thought that he even took notice of me, but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying – I’m nothing if not persistent (secretly somewhere deep down, I still remember thinking that I was going to marry this guy – what a flipping stalker!)  What makes this crazy mix even stranger, is that Mia (Seth’s oldest sister) taught me at St Timothy’s when I was like 10 or so, and I remember talking to her about whether she had a brother.  She said yes and I thought that I should meet him because she is so pretty, which obviously means he should be pretty hot too.

One day (during church – naughty, naughty), I got a sms that said something super cheesy like “you’re looking hot tonight”.  It was from a number that I didn’t know and so my hopes started rising.  After flirting ridiculously all evening and having butterflies in my tummy the whole time, I thought I would put my mind at ease and ask one of my friends if it was Seth’s number.  When I called to ask her, she said “Why would he want to talk to you” but confirmed it was the right number.  I too thought it was too good to be true and tried to play it cool.  However my phone never left my sight for many weeks thereafter and we kept up the smsing.  We even progressed to phone calls made secretly from his Dad’s phone.  It was officially official on 21 September 2003.

On our first date we went out with Byron (mostly because Seth didn’t have his license yet – I think he was on attempt 3 at this stage) to Cavendish to watch some movie or other.  We went to Look and Listen (because that’s just what you did when you went to Cavs as a teenager with little to no money) and we stood under the bubbles that you could hear the music from the CD that you selected.  Seth then played Michael Buble  – The Way You Look Tonight.  My heart melted even more.

Meeting his parents was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done in my life, you know especially considering all the rumours about having to “go through his mother” and all that.   And my fears managed to live up to real life for once…


Yes, meeting Seth’s Mom was my most embarrassing moment of all time.  I am a very nervous person – deathly, nauseously, teeth chatteringly nervous.  It was finally the day where I couldn’t avoid it anymore.  I was petrified.  So into the kitchen we go and Seth says to his Mom, “This is Cindy”.

Seth’s Mom – Hi Cindy, I’m Colleen.

Cindy – Hi Cindy…

Awkward silence, blushing profusely and feeling downright retarded, I just walked away, like an even bigger loser…  Because, yes, I had just said Hi Cindy back to my future mother in law…

Thankfully it all got a lot better after that.

We got married early in 2007 and had the typical 5 year plan, where after 5 years we would “consider” having children.  Now almost 5 years married (in March) we already have 2 precious baby girls!  The Lord knew what would actually work for us more than we did – I wouldn’t trade our little family for anything.

Things in the Alfino household are fun, tiring, lovely and often just plain chaotic, but every day is a real blessing to spend together, working at this awesome new phase of life.

Seth, Cindy, Kyla and Riya


4 thoughts on “Love Story… Cindy and Seth

  1. Hey, our relationship has been nothing if not dramatic!
    In fact, I’ve just been contacted by a major hollywood producer who wants to make film about us, starring Justin Timberlake and the girl from Gossip Girl. Okay, not really, but it was interesting at least!
    I remember Seth from back in the day. What a ladies man. He played bass. He was smooth. He spoke very softly. The boy had mad skills. And now he has mad daddy skills!

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  3. Wow I was a such a loser, but at least I managed to get the woman of my dreams! The Lord is good. The first pic is terrible, looks like I’m dying. However, thanks for the lovely words guys! Terrance you are too kind. The blog looks awesome!

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