Welcome to February!

Welcome to February, girls and boys!

Yes, I am aware that February started yesterday, but as with most things in my life, I am always one step behind everyone else.

I am currently eating Maggie 2 minute noodles and waiting for my husband to let me know when he has arrived back at the office after a 4-day meet-and-greet with the lovely people of the Southern Cape. It always sucks when Terence is away for work, but this time was especially bad as my solo-wife Monday meal consisted of sushi that gave me a particularly awful case of food poisoning :(Terence is very good at taking care of me meeting my every whim when I’m sick, but this time, this pathetic girl had to hold her own bucket, if you know what I mean…

On to happier things.

February is the ‘month of love’ and while Terence and I don’t go overboard with Valentines celebrations, I thought I would dedicate this month of blogging about all things lovely. Tomorrow’s post focuses on something Terence loves… his hair. I’ll give you my opinion on that one too so make sure you stop by. I’m also hosting an exciting series called Love Story with some of my favourite real-life blog friends, but more on that on Monday.

Talking about feeling the love…. According to my blog stats, I’ve had over 500 hits on this blog since I started it last week. I feel incredibly honoured that so many people have bothered to see what I’m getting up to, so thank you! However, out of the 500 people, only 8 have left comments and so I have no clue who the other 492 gorgeous people are? Please give me so interweb love and leave a comment when you pop by, mkay. This girl could do with some encouragement right now. If my posts nauseate you, let me know too.  I don’t  mind a little bit of constructive criticism every now and then 😉

And speaking of love…

Here’s an old picture of me with a little boy I love very much!

Me and my Zazi-mouse


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