The day we pretended to be rock stars…

Party like a rock star with Peroni!

So as many of you know, Mr Mentor has quite an interesting job working for a rather well-known radio station in Cape Town. As with any job, it has its ups and downs. A definite ‘up’ is that we occasionally get invited to fancy events where we get all dressed up and pretend to be rock stars!

Last year we got invited to Peroni’s Italian Summer Yacht Party. To sum it up: about 100 guests boarded a fleet of yachts that cruised from the Waterfront to Clifton 4th and back. We were wined and dined, photographed, filmed by cameramen in helicopters hovering over us, and definitely entertained. The theme was nautical and their purpose was to give us a ‘glimpse’ of the Italian life of luxury associated with their brand. If that’s what all Italians experience, how do I get citizenship???

When we arrived at Clifton 4th we were allowed to hop on speed boats and visit the other yachts. Our yacht was one of the smaller ones with a price tag of ONLY R13 million. The others were huge and filled with party people who seemed to be rather obsessed with the Locnville boys and the girls from Clifton Shore (I had to admit to a very excitable dude that I had no clue what Clifton Shore/ Jersey Shore was! Don’t hate, mkay, we only have SABC).

The whole yacht experience lasted about 6 hours and when we returned to the Waterfront the party continued on the docks with steak, gelato and espresso served by waitrons dressed in sailor suits.

By the end of the evening we had made new friends, eaten too much, got a little sunburnt, shmoozed for the camera and made many memories. We also made an effort to find the event co-ordinator and thank her for inviting us. It paid off because we were invited to enjoy another yacht experience later that year. More on that at another time.

For now, enjoy some pics!

Do we look Italian, baby?

Our car.... JOKES! Ours was the only crappy car in the parking lot...

Some of the yachts

'Captain' Terence 🙂

That couch became the designated 'bed' for those suffering from seasickness. Thankfully the Mentors had purchased anti-nausea meds and were sorted!

Jack and Rose, we honour you!

Cape Town, you are beautiful!

Terence's Lionel Richie curls. He was in the water for 2 minutes before having to be pulled out because he was numb.

Our dorky personalities could not be contained, despite trying to act like rock stars...

Embracing the inner 'dork' with new friends 🙂


In case you forgot who sponsored this party... oh, and always wear sunblock!

This is what happens when you get too much sun... you have a 'lady and the tramp' moment with lettuce.



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